For detailed congregational information, such as prayer requests, attendance, small group meeting locations, and contribution information, please pick up a bulletin located on the table in the lobby.

If you have any prayer requests, or anything you would like to have placed in the Bulletin, please contact Karisa by noon Thursday. Office: 775-3262

This Week's Lesson Outline

This Month's Duty Roster

If you have an email address and would like to receive updates and news from the church office, please make sure we have your email address. You can join our Facebook page as well:

If you need to use the building, or schedule any event, there are calendars in the office you can refer to and see if there is anything going on at that time. Please be sure that if you do plan to use the building for anything that it is marked on the calendar so we do not have any conflicts.


This Week

• Tuesday – Ladies’ Chrochet and Christian fellowship meeting at Tonya Alviso's (204 Saddle Blanket from 7:00-9:00 PM All ladies welcome, not just craft enthusiasts. Come to learn or come to visit.
• Wednesday – Mid-week Bible study @ 7:00 PM in the Coffee Shop. 
The youth meets in the Fellowship Hall.

• Sunday - Bible Study classes
begin ten minutes after morning worship.  Join us for Kyle Idleman's 6 week study series, "Gods at War".

If you have any address or phone number changes, please let Karisa know so she can update your information in the directory. If we do not have your information, please let her know so she can add you to the directory

Upcoming Events   

•    January 8th - Potluck lunch following Bible Class.

•  February 25th - Bible Bowl in San Angelo at Southgate Church of Christ. This is for grade 3-12. We will be preparing for this during bible class on Sunday mornings starting January 8th. if you would like to help the kids prepare for this please see Karisa. we will be studying the book of Acts.

We are in need of Bible class teachers to start in January.  Please see either Karisa or Dayna if you would be willing to teach the Pre-school or middle school class


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